Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Brief Look At Free Agency


  1. Ha, this is the stupidest thing on the web. If players will go to Cleveland, Indiana, Detroit, Minnesota, or San antonio, they will go to Utah. I was just in SLC not to long ago...one of the fastest growing, cleanest cities in the US. This isn't the 1960's. This is stupid.

  2. Yes, I'm sure mocking a Derek Fisher's daughter's cancer will have nothing but a positive impact on Utah and will garner the consummate athletic talent in the nation.

    This is not an argument that Utah is mundane (that argument has been made more accurately and more coherently before). Nor is this an argument that SLC fans are the most disrespectful (again, that is already out there). What I am trying to demonstrate is that the few bad apples in Energy Solutions Arena have embarrassed the league, the city, and the state.

    If I was considering signing (or re-signing) with the Jazz, I would ask for a little more money.

    That is all.

  3. Best home crowd in the NBA, but they do get a few people in there that go over the top. Still, I don't think that stops people from signing there. They are a contending team with a killer point guard. Your post just seems a bit biased...like you hate Utah for some reason.

    The D-Fish thing is old. If some idiots in SLC don't want to let it go, that's fine, but it's time for the rest of us to move on.

    I think most FA's will consider winning records, money, and great fans over what a few people think about DFish. Like you said, a few bad apples, not the whole state...that's a little over the top.

  4. There's also the idea that Utah doesn't have much cap flexibility...but I guess saying something remotely negative means I hate Utah too, right?

  5. I do hear what you are saying to not judge an entire fanbase by a few bad apples. Even if these bad apples are responsible for the most disgusting fan behavior of the post-season.

    I can even agree with the idea that NBA players will not take the fan base into consideration either way (good or bad) when deciding on a team. Sure it took $70 million to get Boozer the first time ($30 million more than the Cleveland offer). Additionally, Carlos, Okur, and Ronnie Price remain the ONLY free agent signings on the roster (D-Leaguers & Undrafted FA's don't count).

    However, the persecution complex thing needs to stop with Jazz fans. Nobody is out to get Utah (this isn't the 1860's). I have no bias towards nor against any fanbase. I make fun of the teams that lose. It's pretty easy actually. It takes one click on the sidebar to find out I am a fan of a notoriously terrible organization.

    Previous posts have poked fun at Cleveland, Phoenix, and Detroit (despite Detroit not even being in the playoffs).

    I'm not flinging rocks at Utah just to do it. I would have liked nothing more than an upset of LA. That would have been tremendous. Unfortunately, the players embarrassed themselves almost as much as a select few of their vehement fanbase.

    When I make fun of the Nuggets, people come out in droves to call them "thugs," "ghetto trash," and "criminals."

    When I make fun of the Jazz, all of a sudden I've gone to far.

    It is unlikely that either of you are those types of people (as you can construct sentences), but I hope you do understand my frustration at this whole thing.

  6. Totally with Doc on this. Utah's a beautiful state, but some of the people there, wow, just awful. And awfully white, which is how they like it, which is really not so great for a bazillion reasons. I know I'm generalizing, but generally I'm correct.

  7. Just read some of the discussion above: fuck the word "thug." And fuck those Utah fans for trashing on Fisher's daughter.

    Furthermore, if you think Utah has the "best fans," whatever that means, you don't understand the city of Portland.

  8. Portland and SLC may as well be sister cities and, yes, I live in one and have family in the other.

  9. Profanity ruins credability. That's all I'm gonna say.

    Been to SLC...crazy fans, some too crazy, but they love their team just about more than anything, and that's what you want from a fan base.

  10. There are good fan bases and there are bad fan bases.

    Utah is inarguably a good fan base (Portland, too)

    I just wish more Jazz fans would realize the disservice done to them by the few contemptuous individuals in the arena rather than trying to scold others for calling out those aforementioned people.

    THAT, if nothing else, is backwards.

  11. Can I say that I actually found this picture funny?

  12. I think it's funny dude. I mean, it's just a joke, right?

  13. I think Joe Johnson will sign with Utah, I mean who else would want to sign him hahaha! I bet SLC would love to have a guy that says "We don't care about the fans, it's all about us in the locker room.." So maybe you can change Joe Johnson to "Maybe Utah" lol. I still think the picture is funny though lol


  14. Lesson: if you have a kid with cancer, you can pretty much do anything you want and people will take your side.

    How about looking into the details of what happened? Fish wanted out of Utah, and used the excuse of his daughter to bail and go back home, where he consistently kills the Jazz by playing Deron Williams well and raining 3-pointers at a 50% clip while connecting on 33% of the same shots against the rest of the league.

    Larry Miller was under the impression that Fisher was not going back to L.A. Larry is now dead, and Fish spits on his grave every time he reaches deep and has a great performance against Utah.

  15. I guess we should all try and get cancer then? That is a terrible and disgusting argument.

    Most NBA fans who are aware of the details are also aware that Carlos Boozer lied to the Cavs owner (a blind man), to escape his contract and sign with the Jazz.

    As for the second part of the argument, that Derek Fisher deserves scorn because he plays well against the Jazz? How about you defend a 35-year old point guard better? You know, like the rest of the NBA does.

    To even suggest that Derek Fisher "spits on Larry Miller's grave" is ignorant beyond belief. I guess Toyota dances on his grave too, since that is how he made his money. It is this type of "Us vs Them" hatred that results in scorn to an otherwise tremendous fan base.

    This is just a game. Entertainment. I hope you one day gather an appropriate perspective on life.

  16. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?page=transactions-10-11

    There truly is nothing else to say.