Friday, May 28, 2010

Lakers vs Suns - Game 5

(props to @JohnKrolic of Cavs: The Blog for the pic and caption)



  1. omg, the odom "khloe!" one is.... absolutely classic. just made my day!

  2. I would have LOVED to see one of these two:

    at the end of the game Craig Sager in one of his god awful suits interviewing Ron Ron who is looking at him and saying, 'And they call me crazy?'

    or, more sedately, someone like fisher with ron and the platitude [funny in itself that it can be so tepid], 'oh ron, you sooo crazy...'

  3. Bahaha love the k.o.b.e. line. Maybe Oochie Wallie isn't the worst song ever?

  4. LOL...I get the same feeling as Kobe does when Luke bricks uncontested layups. And it's so true, Gentry personifies "cool" in a way that D'Antoni and Porter couldn't. Did anyone see him practically slap hands with Jack after Richardson's tying three? Of course, Lou Adler's coolness quotient for directing Up In Smoke has been lowered somewhat by his son's douchebaggery, although it's mostly harmless douchebaggery.

  5. There's a California Pizza Kitchen in Phx

  6. I have to confess: I kinda wanted to see a side by side of J-Rich and Phonte.


    All the Kobe captions killed me. Hysterical. You can debate who is the best player in the NBA, but you kinda have to hand Kobe the title as best comedic foil.

    BTW...who would you rate as your favorite comedic foils?

  7. Good idea on the Phonte/J-Rich, btw. I tried to make it happen but I need a J-Rich pic in a specific pose. I have confidence for Game 6.

    Best comedic foils: KG, Kobe, LeBron, and Mike Brown. Runner up to Pau Gasol & Paul Pierce's facial expressions, but that's a post for another time.

  8. hahaha love the Slovenian one.

    Been a lurker for these playoffs. Have to come to the site every day to check for updates. Great job with all of these man.

  9. Kobe wishes Sasha would stop shooting more than Luke ;)

    Great blog