Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NY State of Mind

It should be noted that this post will contain no snarky captions of people who make significantly more money than I do. Please feel free to navigate elsewhere. I hear Engadget is posting something about a cellphone release today or something.

Anyways, I'll be attending the NBA Draft (no, I'm not Greivis Vasquez. I'm far more annoying than that). This will be my 2nd year attending the draft. You might remember last year when I arrived a little late but still in time to see Hasheem Thabeet walk to the podium. Then I had too much to drink because of Michael Jackson's passing and woke up in my hotel room with shards of glass on the floor and an empty Chipotle bag on the bed. I know what you're thinking and YES that was awesome and NO I don't know what ever happened to Hasheem Thabeet.

This year things are different. Why? I'm bringing a digital camera instead of a Nintendo DS. Things will be captioned. Believe it.

That's my entire plan right there. SOLID. GOLD. SON.

Anyways, if anyone knows any good places to eat, please hit me up or there are going to be more Chipotle bags strewn across my hotel room. You think I tip the maids? I don't. Guacamole is an occupational hazard as far as I'm concerned.

Lastly, though I've been to Manhattan four times since 2008, I've never used the Subway. This is because the map looks like spaghetti processed by a bulimic. Last year I walked to Harlem just to do it. By the time I reached Lenox, I was sweating like Patrick Ewing. Seriously, someone help me figure this out. I lack reasoning skills.


  1. hahaha man can't wait for them captions!

  2. Balthazar for pommes frites/the duck confit. Shake Shack or Jackson's Hole (no homo) for the burrrrgers.

    Rage it up in the city "where there's nothing you can't do."

    Slap the sense into the Knicks front office if you have the chance.

  3. I hate ny. they only pride they have is in being assholes and i'm not being facetious; my entire family is from ny and i grew up on 119th. can't wait to see your captions though.

  4. where the pictures at doc