Friday, July 9, 2010

Dan Gilbert's Open Letter Captioned

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  1. Completely agree. Hugely unprofessional by Dan. But it might mean the fans don't immediately blame him.

  2. Man if Miami wins next year (which isn't out of the realm of possibility), this guy is just going to eat it. But whats for sure is that the Cavaliers aren't going to the Finals anytime soon.

  3. it might be unprofessional and he might be more than partly responsible but i love it. gimme the real. here is a drunk sloppy break up letter which is patently absurd and yet so heartfelt. forget classy. who needs classy when it changes when the doors close and when all our celebrities and politicians are horn dogs and backstabbers. tell it like it is.

    But, as I captioned a few days ago on my blog, i love this bizzaro world where Artest is a hero and Lebron is a villian

  4. landmine night...hahahaha

  5. Surrounded LeBron with crap, when the Cav's won around 60 games in each of the last two regular seasons goes beyond my understanding..

  6. I hope the following acquisitions change your understanding of the 20-win team the Cavs are without LeBron:
    Ricky Davis
    Jeff McInnis
    Darius Miles
    Ira Newble
    Drew Gooden
    Sasha Pavlovic
    Eric Snow
    Flip Murray
    Anthony Parker
    Mo Williams
    Larry Hughes
    Damon Jones
    Antawn Jamison
    Donyell Marshall
    37-year old Shaq
    David Wesley
    Ben Wallace
    Wally Szczerbiak
    Devin Brown
    Lorenzen Wright
    Jamario Moon

  7. Again, the Cav's were a 60 wins team twice the last couple of seasons... It's the role of a leader to make his teammates better when it matters the most, and I do believe the Cav's front office did everything they could to surround him the best way possible..

    Everybody loved the Shaq and Jamison move when they occured, and now they're garbage? I'm okay with the rest of what you're sayin', but the Cav's weren't a lottery team like Bosh's Raptors..

    Anyway, I don't hold a grudge on James for leaving Cleveland to pursue titles, he just didn't have the right to humiliate his fanbase in prime time on national TV like that.. it could have happened to any fanbase, and I feel Northeastern Ohio's pain right now..