Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Team Store Must-Haves - Part 1

Consider this your guide to freshness for the 2010-2011 season.

Atlanta Hawks
Nothing says "Atlanta" quite like fake jewelry, except for fake jewelry that actually says "Atlanta."

Boston Celtics
Take that, Los Angeles.

Charlotte Bobcats
Adam Morrison wants YOU.

Chicago Bulls
Because nobody has made a Bulls bong yet.

Cleveland Cavaliers
Those words totally belong in a sentence together...

Dallas Mavericks
Ever wanted to show support for your squad in the lamest attire possible?

Denver Nuggets
Is that JR Smith?! No wait, it's Bob from accounting.

Detroit Pistons
Celebrate the giving away of possessions.

Golden State Warriors
You can't be on the bandwagon of a player you hadn't heard of prior to June unless you have this shirt you won't wear past December.

Houston Rockets
Nevermind, it's a regular gnome. I'm like 60% sure about that.

Indiana Pacers
Because Danny Granger can never be the best caucasian on the Pacers.

Los Angeles Clippers
Recession. Solved.

Los Angeles Lakers
Ron Artest as Peter Pete from Goof Troop? You damn right.

Memphis Grizzlies
Is something burning or is it just Zach Randolph?

Miami Heat
I recall Scarface having a happy ending. No wait, I was thinking of the Lion King. I always get those confused.


  1. gotta get me one of them protoasts, imagine the possibilities!

  2. I'm sold on the Grizzlies toaster.

  3. I LIKE that Mavs shirt. Shut up.