Friday, November 5, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Bucks @ Pacers - Inspired by John Salmons' goatee, Larry Bird brings back the 80's porn stache. Settle down, ladies.

Nets @ Magic - Vince Carter misses his revenge game with a beard infection.

Cavaliers @ 76ers - Andre Iguodala drops 38 points, making Joey Graham look like… well… Joey Graham.

Bobcats @ Pistons - Larry Brown and Joe Dumars meet pre-game to discuss how crappy the NBA was in 2004.

Wizards @ Knicks - This marks the first time John Wall has been in Madison Square Garden since June of earlier this year.

Bulls @ Celtics - In a matchup between two elite young Point Guards, the commentary won't stop talking about Shaq.

Hawks @ Timberwolves - Michael Beasley falls asleep in Atlanta's Club Crucial and misses the game. The game is being played in Minnesota.

Heat @ Hornets - F'real, CP3. Stop fucking around and throw some lobs to this basket. Maverick is gonna be pissed.

Grizzlies @ Suns - OJ Mayo inadvertently invents the 1-on-5 fastbreak when he tries to emulate the Suns' tempo without telling his teammates.

Clippers @ Nuggets - Chris Kaman's and Birdman's battle for post position is eloquently described by Marv Alberts as "Dueling Banjos."

Jazz @ Warriors - Raja Bell has a solid game against his former team... wait... *checks* ... yeah, former team.

Raptors @ Lakers - DeMar DeRozan's LA homecoming ends up being a scene-by-scene reenactment of Training Day.

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