Monday, November 15, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Timberwolves @ Bobcats - Bobcats players are both relieved and disappointed to discover Lazar Hayward isn't actually a Laser

Grizzlies @ Magic - Dwight Howard's competitive nature is displayed when he beats Zach Randolph in a game of "who can yell 'penis' the loudest?"

Hornets @ Mavericks - Jason Terry leaves his knee-socks at home and is proceeds to sit out until they arrive by police escort. He is really self conscious about leg hair.

Nuggets @ Suns - Normally tasked with defending Amar'e, Nene books a flight to New York.

Thunder @ Jazz - The game is marketed as a "White Out" and it has nothing to do with apparel.

Pistons @ Warriors - The bay area winds sweep Austin Daye to the Philippines.

Nets @ Clippers - League Pass accidentally drops this game. Nobody notices.


  1. here's a gimme pic to caption [think: 'BRAINS!']