Friday, November 19, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Thunder @ Celtics - A hard foul by James Harden knocks Ray Allen out of the game as the final seconds expire. An exasperated Doc Rivers selects Ray Allen's mother to shoot the free throws. Clutch.

Bucks @ 76ers - Despite being three years older, Lou Williams hopes to become the next Brandon Jennings.

Rockets @ Raptors - Raptors! Rockets! ROFLs!

Grizzlies @ Wizards - In his return to the DMV, Greivis Vasquez gets a louder ovation than John Wall.

Bobcats @ Heat - Unable to deal with DeSegana Diop's size, the Heat only win by 40.

Lakers @ Timberwolves - The Lakers wear their MPLS throwbacks. Not intentionally. The primary unis still smell like Henny for some reason.

Cavaliers @ Hornets - Chris Paul threads a pass through Mo Williams' soul.

Spurs @ Jazz - Referee Mark DeRosa is stared down by both Jerry Sloan and Gregg Popovich simultaneously. DeRosa turns to stone.

Bulls @ Mavericks - Brendan Haywood momentarily regrets not fleeing to the Bulls when Dirk borrows his headband and doesn't even bother wringing it out.

Nets @ Kings - Tyreke Evans falls short of a triple double because DeMarcus Cousins shoved him out of the way of at least six rebounds.

Knicks @ Warriors - David Lee has 15 and 15 against his former team. The Knicks get the last laugh because Anthony Randolph is a pretty funny dude.

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