Monday, November 22, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Celtics @ Hawks - For everyone's safety, Kevin Garnett and Josh Smith are given double technicals before the game.

Pacers @ Heat - Tyler Hansbrough goes home happy having received autographs from each of the Big Three.

Timberwolves @ Thunder - The Thunder acquire Kevin Love from the Wolves for... I dunno... let's say a Nintendo 64. KAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!

Suns @ Rockets - Courtney Lee's and Robin Lopez' blind date ends awkwardly when each expected the other to be a woman.

Magic @ Spurs - Tim Duncan passes the torch to a disappointed Dwight Howard, who was expecting a literal torch. He made a costume and everything.

Kings @ Jazz - If it weren't for the chants of "DE-FENSE," Tyreke Evans could swear he was playing in Arco Arena.

Nuggets @ Warriors - Chris Andersen doesn't show up for the team flight because he's already in Oakland. Everybody knows not to ask.

Hornets @ Clippers - Monty Williams and Vinny Del Negro take a few shots in warm-ups. Both finish as the leading scorers of their respective teams.


  1. courtney lee and robin lopez are both laid back. they just roll with it.

  2. Blake Griffin dunks on both Monty and Vinny, gets bored and leaves to do something that matters.