Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Knicks @ Bobcats - Eddy Curry already has gravy stains on his street clothes.

Bucks @ Cavaliers - Warm-ups become awkward when John Salmons recognizes Keyshia Cole but not Boobie Gibson.

76ers @ Raptors - Jrue Holiday and Leandro Barbosa combine for only 9 points, or hold each other to only 9 points (depending on who you ask).

Nets @ Celtics - Glenn Davis spends all game trying to find Common and Queen Latifah. The closest he finds is a common Jordan Farmar.

Heat @ Magic - The winner of this game will become favorites to be the best team in Florida. Sorry, Billy Donovan.

Pistons @ Grizzlies - Sam Young spends all game doing push-ups in the practice gym and then calls out his teammates for not working as hard as him.

Spurs @ Timberwolves - In a role-reversal, Tim Duncan gives Gregg Popovich the night off.

Mavericks @ Thunder - Upon realizing Kevin Durant is 10 years younger than him, Dirk gets drunk and eats a Wendy's cheeseburger one layer at a time.

Warriors @ Rockets - Stephen Curry discovers drank; has the lean on the J now.

Bulls @ Suns - A fight starts when Joakim Noah eats Robin Lopez' Lunchables. It was the pizza Lunchables, too. THE BEST KIND. Bastard.

Hornets @ Jazz - Deron Williams proves to be slightly better than CP3 at not acknowledging that there is a 3-year debate about which is the better point guard.


  1. Never mess with a man's pizza Lunchables.

  2. I prefer the mini sandwiches :D