Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funk You: The Amir Johnson Signing

I decided to start with RealGM. Why? Well, because it's RealGM. Chances are the last wildly speculative and completely unfounded NBA related rumor was started on their forums. No offense intented to the Toronto-centric community that contributes and trolls there. I'm just having fun. Thanks for posting my captions (extra thanks if you actually credited this site).

After hearing about the Amir Johnson signing, I knew right away it would be universally derided. Well, almost universally. If there was going to be one defender, it was going to be on RealGM.

Oh, lookie - Grading The Deal: Raptors Keep Amir Johnson by the otherwise sane Christopher Reina (who, in his defense "only" gave the deal a B-). Also, despite how the piece reads at times, Chris is not a homer of any team.

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For perspective, here are a few of the other 5-year deals in the league:
  • Trevor Ariza $34 million
  • Ron Artest $34 million
  • Birdman $26 million
  • Marcin Gortat $34 million
  • Udonis Haslem $30 million
  • Shawn Marion $38 million
  • Jameer Nelson $35 million
  • Joel Przybilla $32 million
  • Charlie Villanueva $35 million
  • Marvin Williams $38 million
Then again, this is the team that gave $21 million to Marcus Banks, $23 million to Reggie Evans, $40 million to Jose Calderon, and $53 million to Hedo Turkoglu.

You all can go back to calling Bryan Colangelo a genius now.


  1. haha love the jarrett jack one

  2. i always thought christopher reina was a nitwit.

  3. yeah we over paid but toronto kinda has to, no one wants to play for the raptors. ia that colangelo is a twit and is making some awful decisions, but i like amir and sonny and demar, this young fast offense is working for me. hopefully pj can work on the defense

  4. Who knows, maybe he will show us something like Channing Frye did last season. But 34 Mil is waaaaay to much for just a chance.

  5. RealGM has always been incredibly subpar.

  6. Go get'em, son.

    If someone is going to try to resurrect FJM, You just might be the guy...

  7. The only 5-year there that looks even remotely appropriate was Ron Artest, and even that is going to be a bit of a stretch near the end.

    Christ, the owners are going to have a lockout because the hate the fact that they're losing money BECAUSE THEY GIVE PEOPLE LIKE AMIR JOHNSON 34 GODDAMN MILLION DOLLARS. Fuck.

  8. i can't believe amir johnson is making ron artest like money. where is ron artest commenting on this b.s?

  9. I love how the guy thinks extrapolating points and rebound averages to 36 minutes are "advance stats".

  10. banks and evans were given the contracts by different GMs.