Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Hawks @ Cavaliers - Cleveland offers Hawks' assistant coach Tyrone Hill a position. Specifically, a position in the starting lineup.

76ers @ Wizards - Welcome back, Doug Collins. How has life treated you? Oh, that's unfortunate. Tell Evan Turner I said "LOL."

Celtics @ Pistons - Ben Wallace and Shaq battling on the block reminds us all of 2004. That and the fact ESPN is still pimping "Lose Yourself" as highlight music.

Timberwolves @ Heat - Michael Beasley is confused as shit right now.

Magic @ Knicks - Vince Carter to the Knicks trade talks intensify after a phone call from Isiah Thomas.

Trail Blazers @ Bucks - There is little question about the status of Andruw Bogut's recovery from elbow surgery after he installs monkey bars and a rope ladder in his back yard.

Grizzlies @ Lakers - The Grizzlies claim they put the decimal in the wrong place in Mike Conley Jr's contract extension. He was supposed to get $450 million.

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