Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Magic @ Bobcats - Gerald Wallace suffers a severe concussion. Who did it? I won't say any names, but if I was Dwight Howard I would know who I was talking about.

Cavaliers @ Wizards - Antawn Jamison asks to be traded back to the Wizards. Both teams express no interest.

Nets @ Heat - Devin Harris would be pissed about playing the Heat twice in a week if he weren't more pissed about playing for the Nets 82 times in a season.

Hornets @ Bucks - Scott Skiles briefly loses control of his team after his players google his arrest record.

Rockets @ Spurs - Yao Ming exceeds his allotted 24 minutes of play and turns back into a pumpkin.

Nuggets @ Mavericks - DeShawn Stevenson proves to be enough of a nuisance to hold Carmelo Anthony to a mere 45 points.

Clippers @ Jazz - Eric Gordon starts referring to himself as "Flash Gordon." Gordon Hayward responds by referring to himself as "Gordon Gekko."

Raptors @ Trail Blazers - Linas Kleiza got his groove back and all he had to do was sleep with Taye Diggs.

Grizzlies @ Kings - Zach Randolph and DeMarcus Cousins lock gazes
. For a brief moment, everything in the universe makes sense.

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