Monday, November 8, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Spurs @ Bobcats - Stephen Jackson and Gregg Popovich reminisce on the good ol days when they thought each other was insane.

Hawks @ Magic - Childhood friends Dwight Howard and Josh Smith get In a good ol' fashion elbow-you-until-you-die contest.

Warriors @ Raptors - Two of the most defensively challenged teams in the league are deadlocked 167-167 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Nuggets @ Bulls - Joakim Noah and Birdman discuss their mutual interest in Predator 2. That shit was BANANAS.

Suns @ Grizzlies - Rudy Gay dunks from the free throw line during warm-ups but Steve Nash wins the game by hitting more traditional free throws.

Celtics @ Mavericks - Shaq taunts Dirk after the win despite finishing with 8 minutes played


  1. I have to confess...I get suckered into Predator 2 once every couple of years I stumble across it on cable. It's not bad. It's not good. It's just...hypnotizing.

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