Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Bucks @ Hawks - In a playoff rematch, the same-look Hawks persevere over the new-look Bucks. Drew Gooden is a same-look non-factor.

Jazz @ Magic - Jerry Sloan drops Gordon Hayward off at Disney World in the morning; doesn't return for him. Ever.

Bobcats @ Raptors - DeMar DeRozan and Gerald Wallace contribute half the plays on Sportscenter's Top-10.

Rockets @ Wizards - Brad Miller respects Gilbert Arenas' views on the 2nd Amendment.

Nets @ Cavaliers - Things go from bad to worse for Devin Harris when he finds out his Brooklyn apartment will be demolished to make room for a Johnny Rockets in the new stadium.

Warriors @ Knicks - David Lee tells Anthony Randolph how he can make $80 million, too. Two words: Asbestos Lawsuit.

Mavericks @ Grizzlies - Tony Allen's ability to run very fast in a straight line and inability to move laterally earns him the nickname "Tron."

76ers @ Thunder - Kevin Durant has his 27th coming out party of his career, yet people will not stop calling it anything else.

Clippers @ Spurs - Donald Sterling files a lawsuit against Tim Duncan for having no intention of using all six of his allotted fouls.

Timberwolves @ Kings - Ricky Rubio plays his first game for the… just kidding.

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