Friday, November 26, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Rockets @ Bobcats - Shane Battier and fellow Duke alumni, Gerald Henderson, meet at half court to discuss secret society stuff like handshakes and voting Republican.

Cavaliers @ Magic - Dwight Howard hits Anderson Varajao in the temple with a well placed elbow, destroying the part of the brain that controls flopping (all of it).

Raptors @ Celtics - It's pretty much assumed by everyone in attendance that Celtics' reserve Semih Erden will be on the Raptors at some point in his career.

Bucks @ Pistons - Charlie Villanueva beats the shit out of Tracy McGrady. To be fair, Villanueva thought McGrady was a woman.

76ers @ Heat - Things get off to a poor start for the Sixers when head coach Doug Collins shows up in a LeBron jersey.

Thunder @ Pacers - Indiana finishes as the same seed in the East as the Thunder in the West, only with 20 less wins.

Mavericks @ Spurs -
French players Alexis Ajinca, Rodrigue Beaubois, Ian Mahinmi, and Tony Parker hit on your girlfriend in front of you.

Bulls @ Nuggets - Carmelo Anthony backs down Luol Deng across the Rockies.

Clippers @ Suns - Baron Davis and Steve Nash spend most of the game filming youtube videos together.

Lakers @ Jazz - Some Jazz fans greet Derek Fisher by flinging feces and burning an effigy then act surprised when when this is poorly received.

Warriors @ Grizzlies - Despite coming off the bench, OJ Mayo is taking 25 shots this game and there is nothing short of murder you can do about it. Lionel Hollins is arrested for murder.

Hornets @ Trail Blazers - Greg Oden imagines the things he could do with Chris Paul's lobs. Like watching them while barely trotting across halfcourt, for instance.

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