Friday, December 3, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Nets @ Bobcats - The Bobcats sneak UNC's Harrison Barnes into the game. He finishes as the leading scorer.

Thunder @ Raptors - @docfunk shows up just to boo Cole Aldrich.

Trail Blazers @ Wizards - Jeff Pendergraph grows a chinstrap beard and becomes LaMarcus Aldridge's mini-me.

76ers @ Hawks - Jordan Crawford and Jamal Crawford exchange jerseys and nobody notices, except for Jason Smith and Jason Kapono who've been doing the same thing all season.

Magic @ Pistons - Mickael Pietrus hits two difficult jumpers, misses five wide-open looks, and has a fast break dunk. I could copy-and-paste this 82 times.

Bulls @ Celtics - Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo are overshadowed when Shaq gives himself a new nickname.

Rockets @ Grizzlies - Zach Randolph breaks a Heinekin over Brad Miller's face. The NBA responds by strengthening the dress code.

Knicks @ Hornets - Amar'e leaves Chris Paul a cake. Enclosed are all the tools he needs to orchestrate an escape.

Timberwolves @ Spurs - As a motivational tactic, Gregg Popovich gives James Anderson the locker belonging to Richard Jefferson. Jefferson is forced to change in the parking lot.

Clippers @ Nuggets - Celebration occurs when Carmelo Anthony's slightly backwards leaning jumper is officially recognized as a fadeaway.

Pacers @ Suns - The pace of the game causes Roy Hibbert to cherry pick on the court and depart for the team bus in the 3rd quarter.

Mavericks @ Jazz - Raja Bell plays the game with a glove on for the sole purpose of dramatically removing it prior to slapping others across the face.

Kings @ Lakers - Frustrated with the losing streak, the Lakers win by 25 and keep playing long after the Kings leave.


  1. From a Thunder Fan:
    Ha! Cole Aldrich is in the D-League now, so you can't boo him! Take that, haters!

  2. And Jeff Pendergraph was waived... nonetheless.. carry on. And the other day Blazers @ Nets Preview, it seemed you mistook Outlaw for Qyentel Woods?
    Love your work though

  3. And Jason Smith is in New Orleans...

  4. Fix yo twitter link son.

  5. wow, so many corrections. Good look, all.