Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Hawks @ Heat - Jordan Crawford dunks on LeBron James again. Nike orders Jordan Crawford to be destroyed.

Bobcats @ 76ers - The Apache believed a single breath from a Gilla Monster could kill the strongest warrior. The Bobcats believe the same thing about Tony Battie. Chew some gum, fam.

Rockets @ Bulls - Kevin Martin and Shane Battier decide who's not going to start with a game of "touch your hairline."

Cavaliers @ Timberwolves - Ryan Hollins shows up his old team by not being on his old team.

Magic @ Bucks - Every player on both teams sits out with a stomach virus. Scott Skiles defeats Stan Van Gundy 35 to 4.

Mavericks @ Kings - The 6'11" Donte Green is credited with negative six rebounds.

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