Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Celtics @ Nets - Kevin Garnett's idea of rookie hazing is trying to kill Derrick Favors.

Knicks @ Raptors - Roger Mason Jr considers this game an extended tryout for Brian Colangelo.

Cavaliers @ Pistons - A broke Rick Mahorn is in the stands consoling Dan Gilbert and Usher. It'll be alright, fellas.

Warriors @ Thunder - Nenad Kristic throws a chair at Andris Biedrins, who responds by throwing a freethrow at Kristic (unintentionally).

Hornets @ Spurs - Darius Songaila spends his time on the bench narrating the gameplay with his impeccable David Attenborough impersonation.

Grizzlies @ Nuggets - Late in the third quarter, Acie Law finalizes his hierarchy of Vitamin Water flavors. Dragonfruit, you so delicious.

Wizards @ Suns - Gilbert Arenas is going to try to go for fifty points at whatever cost. Flip Saunders resigns after the game.

Clippers @ Trail Blazers - Continuing to try and endanger his career, Brandon Roy is revealed to be the cover athlete of Madden 12.


  1. Acie law got waived. lol.

  2. And Songaila plays for the Sixers...

  3. Nice Biedrins #zing. I could imagine it happening

  4. dude bring back the captions whatever it takes!

  5. Jeff... he needs a life too. Can't always serve us. But I can bet come playoff time he'll have them back right...? Right?