Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Nets @ Hawks - Mikhail Prokhorov shares a suite with Lil Jon and Robin Meade. Things are discussed.

Nuggets @ Bobcats - Tyrus Thomas and Kenyon Martin remake "Freaky Friday."

Cavaliers @ 76ers - Thaddeus Young explodes for four free-throws.

Warriors @ Mavericks - One guard! Two guard! Red guard! Blue guard! There are too many guards on the floor!

Pistons @ Rockets - Greg Monroe finishes with a season best 28 and 16 without leaving the ground.

Suns @ Trail Blazers - In yet another classic LaMarcus Aldridge vs Channing Frye matchup, Channing doesn't enter the paint.

Wizards @ Lakers - Nick Young goes back back to Cali Cali. Keeps talking talking like this this. Annoying all all within earshot earshot.

Oh, and here were the previews I would have posted yesterday if I bought a laptop battery like I was supposed to. Despite writing most of them in August, they all came true.

Raptors @ Pacers - The Virgin Mary appears cross-stitched in Sonny Weems' & DeMar DeRozan's combined shot chart.

Hawks @ Magic - Vince Carter and Joe Johnson collaborate on a mixtape sampling the sound of missed jumpshots during the 2010 playoffs. "The Wu-Tang Clang" drops in May.

Timberwolves @ Knicks - Ray Felton discovers the lob pass. The Wolves did not gameplan for this development.

Thunder @ Bulls - Kurt Thomas tries to do the pull-the-chair trick on Nenad Kristic. It doesn't end well.

Heat @ Bucks - Juwan Howard draws a charge when he catches Ersan Ilyasova in a jump pass; becomes a Level 12 Wily Vet.

Grizzlies @ Jazz - Kyrylo Fesenko shows up to the arena early to get some extra reps being a lovable oaf.

Kings @ Clippers - Donald Sterling publicly regrets surrendering a 2016 conditional pick to acquire Rasual Butler. Sterling was expecting an actual butler


  1. these r funny, but the captions were the best!

  2. Donald Sterling is the worst owner in professional sports, and until the Clippers are sold to someone with an interest in something other than the bottom line..they will continue to struggle. To heckle your own players is pretty class-less, and should be done behind closed doors.