Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Nuggets @ Celtics - Rajon Rondo out-rebounds Al Harrington and Jermaine O'Neal combined.

Bulls @ Cavaliers - Joakim Noah comments that the only thing to do in Cleveland is beat the Cavaliers.

Raptors @ Knicks - The Knicks 5-game winning streak is put the the test by the Knicks of Canada.

Pacers @ Bucks - Tyler Hansbrough misses another game with Vertigo, yet insists he chose the right profession.

Thunder @ Timberwolves - Nick Collison is getting pretty goddamn tired of explaining the plot of "Inception" to everyone.

Pistons @ Hornets - Austin Daye spends all game hiding between Jason Maxiell's front teeth.

Warriors @ Spurs - Brandan Wright got that new Waka Flocka mixtape. Warriors lose by 27.

Grizzlies @ Suns - While Hakim Warrick has been doing a fine job on the alley-oops, the Suns wish he would try less hard on defense.

Heat @ Jazz - Karl Malone criticizes the Heat for trying to form a super team while neglecting to mention the 2004 Lakers.

Wizards @ Kings - Tyreke Evans and John Wall go out to dinner with John Calipari and a guy rocking a tracksuit/gold chain combo who picks up the check.

Lakers @ Clippers - The loser has to take Tara Reid home.


  1. The one with Noah was HILARIOUS!

  2. best one is Heat @ Jazz comment.