Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Celtics @ Cavaliers - Rasheed Wallace returns for this game because he says he left something in Quicken Loans Arena. Doc Rivers knows not to ask about it.

Pistons @ Magic - Stan Van Gundy manages to combine disbelief, outrage, and disappointment into a single spectacular facial expression.

Trail Blazers @ 76ers - It's days like this that Elliot Williams wishes he was back at Duke pretending to be a college kid.

Nets @ Knicks - Wilson Chandler finishes the game with the whitest name of anyone on either team.

Lakers @ Grizzlies - Ron Artest shows up to the game with his jersey soaked in Hennessey, a top hat, and a cigar. He hits two big threes and sets the record for most points while wearing a top hat and smoking a cigar.

Pacers @ Kings - Carl Landry reinforces his reputation as a hard worker by taking a part-time job bussing tables wherever DeMarcus Cousins is eating.

Spurs @ Warriors - DeJuan Blair steals a rebound from Tim Duncan. Timmy would get him back in Call of Duty later that night.

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