Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tonight's Preview

Grizzlies @ Hawks - A courtside Young Jeezy gives Zach Randolph a shoebox full of $20 bills during a timeout.

Thunder @ Nets - Brook Lopez and Kevin Durant stay up all night playing 100 rounds of Super Smash Brothers on Brook's Nintendo Gamecube. Durant won't stop spamming pikachu's vertical lightning.

Wizards @ Raptors - @docfunk's first encounter with lake effect snow doesn't go so well.

Trail Blazers @ Celtics - Luke Babbitt and Luke Harangody discuss being NBA rookies named "Luke." Both decide to try on "LuMarcus" for a few days. Rolls off the tongue.

Pistons @ Heat - A rejuvenated Tracy McGrady plays 6 of the hardest minutes of his career.

Magic @ Bulls - Stan Van Gundy intends to instruct Dwight Howard to not waste fouls on Joakim Noah but all that comes out of his mouth is the word "Gah!" at various pitches.

Bobcats @ Hornets - Emeka Okafor blocks a Kwame Brown layup attempt, runs the floor, and throws down a vicious layup of his own.

Timberwolves @ Mavericks - A flustured Dirk cannot get his game on track after Darko tells him about his $20 million deal.

Lakers @ Rockets - Chase Budinger loses an eye. Who did it? I won't say any names, but if I were Matt Barnes, I would know who I am talking about.

Bucks @ Nuggets - Andruw Bogut is told he can't wear his all-white suit to games anymore and is forced to settle on his shiny "Mo Money Mo Problems" suit (of which he has several).

Pacers @ Jazz - Danny Granger continues to lead the league in existential crises.

Spurs @ Clippers - DeAndre Jordan can't decide whether he wants an 18 rebound game or to chill. He intended to flip a coin but fell asleep before it hit the ground.

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